Monday, April 6, 2009

Laura Crawford - Children's Author

The Education Department sponsored the first annual children's author event on campus. It was really exciting. We had Laura Crawford, a children's author who also teaches in Deer Creek Elementary School as a reading specialist. She has written 5 books and has another book which will be published and available in September, 2009.

Her current books are excellent nonfiction writings: Pilgrim's Thanksgiving A to Z; Postcards from Chicago; Postcards from Washington D. C.; Postcards from New York City; and In Actic Waters. Her new book coming out is The American Revolution A to Z.

She told about her experiences with rejections before becoming published. Her first book was rejected 23 times before it was ready for publication. Having a children's author on campus was like having a children's book "celebrity!"

We are looking forward to planning another event like this next year. Publicity is definitely a key.

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